SG Water Detection Probe Systems

Download SG Water Probe PDF Brochure

SG Water Detection Probe Systems detect the presence of water in a filter-separator sump by utilizing a conductivity probe attached to the vessel and an intrinsically safe relay to control fuel flow by stopping a pump or closing a valve.

SG Style probes are designed to install directly into the sight glass connection of Facet’s® VF-21/22 housings. Just remove the snap ring and sight glass from the housing, then insert the SG Series probe assembly and reinstall the snap ring. No vessel modifications are required.

Crown SG Water Detection Probe Systems Feature:
- All stainless steel and aluminum metal parts
- Buna and Viton Seals
- Installs in Sight Glass Connection
- Components rated for 150 PSI pressure
- Available with 12 Volt or 24 Volt AC or DC Relays or 120 Volt AC Relay
- Available with Weatherproof or Explosion Proof Relay Enclosures

explosion-proof enclosure
sg water probe assembly
weatherproof enclosure