Rhino Deadman Systems

Download Deadman System PDF Brochure

Deadman Systems start and stop fuel flow in bottom-loading or underwing fueling operations and are required by N.F.P.A. codes. Electric deadman systems offer reliability, flexibility and minimal maintenance compared to pneumatic or hydraulic systems. When the handle switch is closed, a signal is furnished that can open a valve or start a pump. When the handle switch is released, fuel flow stops.

Durable - Machined from bar stock aircraft aluminum, the Rhino Handle will withstand airfield abuse such as dragging and dropping. A refueler truck drove over it and the Rhino Handle remained serviceable.

Easily Maintained - Repair in the field with a minimum of tools at a low cost.

Weather-Tight - Enclosed in a weather-tight body, the switch is isolated from the atmosphere. Silver inlaid contacts guarantee a longer life. Also, the handle has a gasketed cover plate.

Switch Limit Data - Max: 36 Volts DC/30 Amps

Crown Products Rhino Deadman Systems feature:

Rhino Deadman Handle - virtually indestructible. Made from machined aluminum bar stock. Will not spark if dragged over concrete. Switch is enclosed in a weather-tight body and furnished with a molded nylon strain relief, also weather-tight.

Intrinsically safe relay control for operator safety. Allows the handle to be used inside a hazardous area - the electrical signal in the handle is incapable of causing a spark. Relays are available with the control voltages of:
12 Volts AC or DC
24 Volts AC or DC
120 Volts AC

Available with Weatherproof or Explosion Proof Relay Enclosure.

Standard systems furnished with 50-foot straight electric cord. An optional 50-foot spring rewind cord reel or 20-foot coiled cord are available.