Stay in Flight with Crown Products

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Crown Products is your headquarters for aviation ground support equipment. Look no further for dependable fuel filter vessels and cartridges, fueling nozzles, hydrant valves, swivels, couplers, loading arms, fueling hoses and reels, and testing and sampling equipment. Turn to Crown Products for overfill protection, tank monitoring, and leak detection equipment. We also manufacture high-quality, reliable deadman systems in electric and pneumatic formats. Whatever your ground support needs, Crown Products can fill the bill.

As an A&P certified repair shop, we can also help you with the ground support fuel handling equipment you already own. Let us expertly handle your service needs -- from routine maintenance to repair. We can even rebuild and test your nozzles for certification.

Products Manufacturers
Filters Aviation: Facet International (API & IP Specs)
Hydraulic: Purolator Products (AN Series)
Nozzles Whittaker Controls
OPW Fueling Components
Deadman Handles Rhino (manufactured by Crown Products, Inc.)
Gammon Technical Products
Whittaker Controls
Hose Goodyear
Reels American Reeling Devices
Strainers SSI Equipment
Ball Valves Jomar International
Quality Testing Gammon Technical Products
Nozzle and Reel Repair In-house A&P Certified Repair Facility
Fueling System Safety Components Scully Signal Company